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iPhone Repair Expert

Screen Replacement

Removing the screen of an iPhone/iPad can fix any cosmetic or functional defect.

Battery Replacement

If the battery in your iPhone or iPad is deteriorating quickly or fluctuating to randomly high levels replacing the battery should solve the problem!

Charging Dock Replacement

Charging ports are among the largest ports that are open on phones. The charger pins may be cut or break.

Headphone Jack Replacement

If you’re having issues with headphones that are connected or if you notice something is stuck in the headphone jack it’s time to replace the headphone jack.

Camera Replacement

iPhone cameras have multiple lenses which are vulnerable to physical harm.

Frame Replacement

Your iPad or iPhone frame could be damaged or scratched If you’ve not secured it properly.

Back Glass Replacement

If the back of your iPhone is not as sparkling or new, it could be that it’s badly scratched, or damaged, you should replace it with a brand-new one.

Power Button Replacement

The power button on your iPhone or iPad is probably the most utilized button on the device. It is very easy to be hit or damaged.

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Inspection and water damage diagnostic
The front glass and LCD Replacement
Accidental damage repair.
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