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Make my lappy The most reliable and trusted Replacement Laptop Nz.This team of enthusiastic and dedicated laptop professionals can provide you with the most enjoyable and hassle-free laptop repair experience you’ve had in your life! Without consultation or visit costs, sign up for their services now! Take advantage of Our services throughout Delhi, Noida, chandigarh and Gurgaon.

Some of the common problems we fix


Are you experiencing issues with your MacBook showing display-related issues? Our experienced technicians will repair the MacBook display using cutting-edge tools and authentic Apple parts, ensuring your screen is back in pristine condition within only a few hours.


Are you concerned that your MacBook getting old by the time you unplug your charger? When this happens, just contact us by phone or bring in your MacBook and our League of Techies will efficiently replace your MacBook batteries with brand new one in no time.


Are you experiencing a trackpad that isn’t clicking or not functioning properly, or is it not responding at all? This could be because of a hardware problem. In our MacBook repair center we will be able to revive the trackpad that died in no time. We have the most knowledgeable and trustworthy MacBook repair technicians that can fix the damaged part efficiently.

Touch Bar

The MacBook’s touch bar gives you app-specific shortcuts that make it easier for you to accomplish the tasks you want to do. It can be extremely frustrating when it becomes unresponsive or gets stuck, or starts acting out in a strange manner. Our MacBook repair technicians are equipped with the knowledge and equipment to perform effective repair of the touch bar within the span of a single day.


A MacBook’s keyboard may stop working due to various reasons. It may not work if you have spilt water on the keyboard, or because of software, USB/Bluetooth, and other issues. At our MacBook repair center in Gurgaon, we fix every type of keyboard issue.

No Boot

What should you do when you have a deadline on your calendar, and your MacBook isn’t turning on? Either you can chew your nails or contact us. In our MacBook service center Our highly skilled and efficient repair technicians will be able to quickly identify the issue, correct the problem, and if needed to reinstall Mac OS. Mac operating system.

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Are you an MacBook user based on Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon? If yes, it’s probable that when your machine develops a problem then you’ll find yourself in the middle of the road, and you will need to make a crucial decision. “Where do I go for my MacBook Pro or MacBook Air repair?” It is important to know that you can’t trust your machine with any of the repair centres that have sprung up across the city. Your MacBook deserves the very best repair service. Make My Lappy offers you that service. Our MacBook repair center is dedicated to providing the most secure and most reliable Apple device repair service. If we manage your MacBook it is safe to never have to worry about a poor repair.

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We have MacBook repair specialists are equipped with the latest abilities and the most recent diagnostic tools. They will quickly diagnose the issue and inform you of the reason the machine is not functioning properly. This diagnosis service is completely free. Our technicians will also tell you the procedure they’ll undertake to rectify the problem and what price you need to pay to receive the service. There are no extra costs for repair should you choose to have your device repaired at our MacBook repair center located in Gurgaon.

Make My Lappy is equipped with the most cutting-edge MacBook repair tools available in its arsenal. Our skilled repair technicians utilize tools to repair anything from the most basic to the most difficult issues which have negatively affected your computer’s performance. They never fail to fix your machine right because they have been trained and skilled as well as because they only use genuine Apple parts. We are aware that a non-genuine part can further damage your MacBook, so it is zero possibility of us repairing it using non-original parts.

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If you’re looking at MacBook Air screen replacement or MacBook Air Display replacement, MacBook Pro screen replacement or MacBook Pro Speak replacement, we can help you with all of them. In our MacBook repair centre, we fix all types of MacBook issues, including display and battery issues, as well as keyboard, touchpad, and touch bar. We can also revive the MacBook which isn’t working. In our repair procedure We take into consideration the highest Apple standards and how much you appreciate the value of your Apple machine.

If you are unable to bring your machine in to the MacBook repair center, we will take it to the location you prefer in Delhi NCR. When the problem is fixed, we will take it away at the same location. We also offer a immediate MacBook repair service to fix most issues.

We don’t believe in making our customers wait; therefore, we have a quick turnaround time. Our highly skilled technicians can repair your MacBook within the same day the MacBook is received. We do not charge extra for this service. Contact us today if you are having issues with your MacBook. We guarantee to take care of your MacBook with most professional and caring.