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MacBook repair

Mac LCD Screen Replacement

MacBook Repair in Delhi

Replacing damaged Macbook Pro front glass display or damaged LED screen that is on the Macbook Pro Retina, We offer a free evaluation for Macbook Pro screen issues. We will replace your Macbook book Pro front glass with brand new components for a price lower than 2500 R. In the case of a Unibody model Macbook Pro, removal of the glass on the front of the display is required in order to access the inside LCD Panel.

To use with the Unibody model Macbook Pro, removal of the glass on the front of the display is necessary to gain access to the LCD Panel.

  1. Screen Issue, for examples:
  2. Cracked Screen or Broken Screen
  3. Horizontal or Vertical lines
  4. Grey screen or Black Screen
  5. Dark Screen or with no backlight
  6. Flickering Screen

Apple Mac Logic Board Repair

The symptoms of a failed or defective logic board may vary in nature and could display early signs. A defective logic board could cause problems like the ones listed below in the MacBook Pro / Macbook Air. MacBook Pro or Macbook Air.

  1. Absolutely dead Mac, with no charging light. The battery is not charged
  2. The charge light turns on, and the battery is charged, but Mac doesn’t power on.
  3. Mac WIFI-related issues
  4. Graphic related issues like No display or DIM
  5. Liquid Spill Damage( water, Beer, Wine Coffee spill)
  6. External Ports on Macs that cause problems
  7. Mac does not detect a power adapter. Works only with battery
  8. Mac does not detect chargers. Works only when using a Power Adapter

MacBook Pro, Macbook Air Keyboard / Trackpad Repair – Replacement

  1. Keyboard Related Issues:
  2. When the Mac keyboard is experiencing any of these issues, there is a likelihood that we will be able to assist you.
  3. Broken off from a one or more keys
  4. – Missing key
  5. The keys do not signify a letter or a number
  6. Keys are sticky because of water damage

MacBook Pro, Macbook Air Keyboard / Trackpad Repair – Replacement

  1. Trackpad Related Issues:
  2. If you’re experiencing these signs with your Trackpad in your Mac and you are experiencing the following symptoms, then you might require repair or replacement of your Trackpad.
  3. Trackpad when the click is not working or when you click and drag It’s Not
  4. Working
  5. * Cursor is not responding to Trackpad
  6. * Cursor jumps randomly on the Screen. Trackpad
  7. Physically broken cracked Trackpad

Mac HDD/SSD Upgrade

MacBook Pro Hard Drive is experiencing any of these issues and you need help, we can assist you in repairing and replacing the drive.

HDD Disk Drive The HDD is making clicking, grinding or other sounds that they didn’t use to make.

  1. Windows warns you that you must start “check disk
  2. utility.”
  3. There is no chime sound when turning to the laptop
  4. Question mark folders on booting up your Mac
  5. System freezing or slow
  6. Spinning Wheel at Startup
  7. Wheel spinning frequently when running applications.

Apple Macbook batteries replacement

When your Macbook has very few backups or shows status as the battery is being replaced and now is the perfect time to change a battery for the Apple Macbook.

Utilizing the MacBook batteries from a reliable store is highly recommended. We stock almost all batteries for Macbook models. From 2008 until 2022, there’s not one model we don’t have a battery. The most well-known batteries are listed below.

These batteries work on the same level as the original batteries provided by Apple in Apple’s MacBook.


Macbook Repair

Macbook Repair

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