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Apple MacBook Charger Repair in Delhi

MacBook Charger Repair

MacBook Charger Repair in Nehru Place, Delhi

Did your brand new Apple MacBook suffered an unexpected accident? Are you looking for a reliable source that can offer Apple MacBook charger repair?

Users of computers around the world are awestruck by Apple products due to their elegant design and a wide range of functions. Students and professionals in Delhi think of Apple’s MacBook as a trusted companion that can handle all of their presentation, computation printing, and research requirements. The most frequent issue they encounter is the lack of a trustworthy repair centre which specializes in Apple products only.

Make My Lappy is a famous repair center that is specialized in providing top-quality Apple MacBook charger repair services. The team comprises experts located in Delhi who consider quality to be their top priority. While Apple products are known for their durability, mishaps occur and damage caused to chargers are new. Laptop Repair Experts can take the care of all repairs for the MacBook and charger in a highly professional way.

Why should you choose us to provide MacBook Charger Repair Services in Delhi?

Rapid turnaround of chargers regardless of the severity of the damage

Professionals with the right training and experience who provide 100% satisfaction to customers for all kinds of repairs

Prices that are reasonable

Genuine and high-quality spare parts.

The most reliable and trusted Apple repair center in Delhi

The next time you encounter a problem with your Apple MacBook or its charger has issues, remember that Make My Lappy located in Delhi is the best place to turn.

MacBook Logic Board Repair & Replacement in Delhi

MacBook Logic Board Repair & Replacement in Delhi

Why should you choose our company when it comes to Logic Board repairs?

Are you in need of an MLB repairs technician in your area? Are you experiencing issues with your MacBook not turning on or fails to operation? There is a chance that you are experiencing issues caused by a malfunctioning or damaged logic board and we here at the Make My Lappy can assist you.

Our Delhi branch is equipped to tackle MacBook problems of all kinds! Before you pay large sums of money to a lower-quality repair service, make certain to contact us. We’re committed to fixing the damaged parts of your computer, and only in urgent situations will we have to replace parts. This includes the vital expensive, but costly, MacBook the logic board.

What’s the signs that you require Logic Board Repair?

Finding out if you have the cause of a logic board problem is more complex than fixing a damaged screen or replacing an inoperable charger. This is because the signs of malfunctioning logic boards are a bit different. Some of the more common symptoms are:

  • Inability to turn on even when there is a working charger and power supply.
  • Unexpected, sudden shutdowns which cause you to lose lost work or important information.
  • An unlit, black display, even while the laptop is turned on.
  • An image of the display that is scrambled and doesn’t resolve itself over time. The scrambling is likely to get worse when the mouse moves across the screen.
  • The unusual sound of grinding and clicking emanating from the inside of the MacBook.
  • Audio or USB port malfunctions.
  • Liquid Spill

If your MacBook has any of the above issues shut down your device and immediately contact a repair professional. Problems with the logic board could quickly and easily cause problems across the entire system, leading to higher repair costs and a longer repair time.

MacBook Repair Specialists is just a brief and sweet phone call to. Let us help you get rid of the stress and replace it with security. Our team of techs offers top-quality, efficient and complete repair and replacement solutions for all models of MacBooks. No matter if you own an MacBook or one of the MacBook Pro models, MacBook Pro, or a MacBook Air is of no matter to us. We’re here to assist. Contact us today!


MacBook Models for Logic Board Repair

MacBook Pro 17” ModelsA1151, A1212, A1229, A1261, A1297 (Unibody)
MacBook Pro 15” ModelsA1150, A1211, A1226, A1260, A1286 (Unibody), A1286, Retina A1398, A1707, A1990
MacBook Pro 13” ModelsA1278, Retina A1425, A1425 and A1502, A1706, A1708, A1989, A2159
MacBook Air 13” ModelsA1237, A1304, A1369, A1466, A1932, A2179
MacBook Air 11” ModelsA1370, A1465
MacBook 13” ModelsA1181, A1342
MacBook 12” ModelA1534 Motherboard
MacBook 16” ModelA2141 Motherboard

Apple MacBook Keyboard Replacement in Delhi Noida Gurgaon


We are the well-known MacBook Pro Keyboard replacement company located in Delhi, Noida and Gurgaondedicated to offering quick repairs and replacements of Apple Macbook keyboards to our customers. We are aware that customers look for trustworthy service suppliers when it comes to a issue of replacing an costly keyboards for their Apple MacBook located in Delhi NCR. We appreciate your concern and will provide top-quality services at a reasonable cost.

Apple MacBook keyboards are quite popular with users of today and are gaining more use every day. Even though they are a top-performing device, accidents and failures to the hardware aren’t common with the device. At some point your keyboard might have issues, and you’re faced with no choice other than getting it fixed or replaced.

If you’re looking for MacBook Air keyboard replacement or repair, it’s going to be an inexpensive process. Therefore, ensure that you have it done through Make My Lappy.

How to Avoid Macbook Keyboard Repair Cost?

Think about the local providers of serviceYes! Consider a local authorized supplier is the best option as they are able to be reached quickly and be located as quickly as. If you opt to take different route it isn’t going to give you the benefit of talking to directly with a retailer and they are expensive compared to local service providers that will perform the same work for you at a half-price cost.

Make sure it is secured for the sake of avoiding Macbook Keyboard replacement cost, ensure that you ensure it’s safe. Avoid keeping objects close to it because they could cause damage and damage to the device if an object is accidentally thrown over. Additionally, don’t store any liquid close to it since spills can worsen the issue.

Avoid pressing too hard on the keys Don’t put more force on the keys since the keys could be damaged and require repair.

Do not put pressure on the cable of your keyboard – We usually move keys using the cord, which puts pressure on the socket that results in costly mishaps to the device.

Why are we here?

We are among the top service providers for Apple keyboard repair and replacement in Delhi NCR committed to providing premium services at affordable costs. We are available 24/7 for assistance to our customers and offer them with the most effective solution for their needs.

Certified technicians

Our technicians are equipped to handle Macintosh’s electronic components and provide an unbeatable solution.

Congenial staff

Our team is welcoming and always strive to provide the assistance you need to our clients. Contact them at anytime of the day and they will be there to assist you.

If you’re having problems regarding problems with your MacBook keyboard and are looking to find MacBook substitute keyboards Delhi , Make My Lappy is a certain place to go. If it’s small issues there is a possibility of having it repaired. However, if the issue is more serious and severe, it may require an upgrade. Because the cost for MacBook keyboards is quite expensive and expensive, it is recommended to make an informed decision about the fix or replacement. Contact us for guidance on the identical.

Apple MacBook Hinge Repair

The MacBook screen hinge is fragile and prone to damage and repairing the damage can be a daunting task. If any technical issue is noticed on the screen of your MacBook; it is urgently fixed. In this kind of situation you’re left with no alternative but to seek out experts. Our company is the MacBook Repair Shop for hinges Delhi that is committed to providing immediate assistance to people who have problems with their MacBook hinges or looking for a replacement screen hinge. Contact us to get professional repair services.

What Can Cause Damage To Your MacBook Screen’s Hinge?

Using one hand when opening the screen causes stretching of the screen in an incorrect way and could cause damage to the screen. In this case there is only one option, which is to seek out a expert Apple hinge repair.

The laptop should be placed on its edge in the vehicle’s seating area, the table or desk could result in the laptop falling. It’s a fragile device that even a small height could cause massive damages to its screen. You must be aware to take good look after it since MacBook hinge repair costs can create an enormous hole in your wallet.

Get a protective case for your MacBooks, especially if you travel frequently. If you do not protect it, it could cause damage and scratches on the display.

Why Call Us?

We are aware that any the damage to your MacBook’s screen is a major cause of concern since it could cost you a lot of money. This is why we’re here to offer our customers with affordable assistance. Additionally, we are first in the business and are well-versed in their work and provide top-quality services. So

Qualified Technical Team

Make My Lappy are an expert team who specialize in MacBook Air hinge repair Delhi dedicated to providing top-quality service. Our group of highly skilled technicians has been trained to carry out the task in MacBook repair. So, you can be assured of impeccable service from us.

Short Turn Around Time

Do some research and you’ll be pleased to know that our turnaround time is lower than that of other MacBook Pro hinge repair professionals available.

Staff who are friendly and knowledgeable. customer Service Representatives

We have highly qualified personnel as well as Customer Service representatives who can guide you through your repair choice. We will assist you at any moment when you require our assistance and follow the standards of high-quality. We also have a pleasant staff willing to listen to any issue and assists in providing an immediate solution. We have standards that in this field are unparalleled, and most of all, we take an approach that is centered around our customers services.

MacBook Battery Repair Experts

battery Replacement

The MacBook isn’t charging, and are you truly upset? We can help you with our assistance for MacBook repairs to the battery. Sometimes , while working, your MacBook abruptly shuts down and the charger is connected , but the battery doesn’t charge In this case, you are into trouble because of the stoppage of the entire process. There is no reason to worry about as our professionals are available to resolve all of your issues. As the top MacBook Repair service Centre located in Nehru Place, we offer compatible high-quality original battery that is in good condition and a graded battery that comes with a guarantee of service.

Why would you need MacBook battery replacement when your Original MacBook Battery can be repaired?

The replacement of your battery is the only option available on the market, however it is our specialty to repair the original battery and return it to you in a working condition.

So, you can find the best MacBook repair service for batteries through us. We pay special focus and care when repair of your MacBook’s battery. In any case, after gaining an understanding of the details and complexity of the normal operation, our techs recommend the most effective repair for your battery.

Repairing batteries is basically repair of the battery, and replacing the battery. The replacement of batteries may be required at times when it is difficult to restart the battery.

When is the best time to Replace or Repair Your Apple MacBook Battery?

If you’re not ready to risk paying for expensive services, you should to consider using Apple Store alternative options. What if your MacBook battery serviced for the most affordable cost? Yes, here at Make My Lappy Nehru Place, we provide the most affordable MacBook battery replacement and repair services in Delhi. Most of the time, we are able to fix your original battery at an affordable price.

Here are the most likely flaws of the MacBook’s battery, as well as solutions:

1. The damage caused by liquids within the Battery

The MacBook Battery consist of two components namely Lithium Polymer Cells and a circuit that controls charging of the battery. If your battery’s circuit was damaged by liquid spill Our company is the only experts within the city who will repair your damaged battery back to its original condition.

2. Swelling up of MacBook’s Battery

The battery’s swelling is a normal occurrence in batteries when the LIPO Cells have been damaged. In this situation, we suggest replacing the battery. We offer authentic and high-quality compatible batteries, you don’t have to be worried about your MacBook It will be as fresh like before.

3. Problems with Battery because of a software update

Sometimes, your MacBook’s battery may be affected because of a recent software update. Therefore, we solve this problem with our reliable and compatible MacBook Battery Repair solution. We are able to repair your battery in these situations when you upgrade a software, and then the battery ceases to charge or stops functioning.

4. A problem with the battery is because of no use of MacBook for a long period of time

The function of your battery can disintegrate as the battery was very discharged, particularly when you don’t use your MacBook for a long time and, as such, using our expertise and experience We ensure that your MacBook is working by offering an efficient repair service.

5. Battery is exhausted and degraded. battery

As time passes and the years of use, the battery’s life span gets degraded. It is time to replace it entirely, so, search for our new battery replacement for the MacBook.

Why should you select Us to provide MacBook Battery Repair and Replacement Services?

  1. The Same Day Service: Because of our on-time repairs process (not greater than 2 or 1 hours)
  2. High Quality Products Guaranteed authenticity when replacing the original MacBook’s battery. We have created the well-known brand label in the field of MacBook Battery repair and replacement service throughout Delhi.
  3. Free Pickup and Delivery We also offer pickup and delivery services in the current pandemic season in case you are unable to access the site.
  4. The MacBook battery is low-cost. Replacement & Repair: The cost of repair and replacement will vary based on the what model you own. We are proud to say that we have the lowest price in the region of MacBook battery replacement Nehru Place.
  5. Expert Engineers When it comes to our team members, they are highly skilled knowledgeable, skilled and well-trained. Our clients trust them and get a complete satisfaction without any hassle.
  6. The only and one of a kind Experts in India Many MacBook Repair Centers opt for only replacement batteries for every issue that is easy to repair which is why every repair shop offers replacement parts that are not original because Apple Company never sell its original components in spare. Here, we are the only company that can fix your original battery . We are proud being the only company across India that chooses to repair over replacement. Our primary and foremost goal is satisfaction and happiness for our clients.

Apple MacBook Trackpad Repair Replacement Cost in Delhi NCR

Apple MacBook Trackpad Repair / Replacement in Delhi

We understand the frustration is to not get correct functioning because of the issue of the trackpad. Whatever the problem you have, we will fix it and get the functionality of your Apple MacBook back to work in a flash. We offer Apple MacBook trackpad repair replacement services within Nehru Place Delhi.If you are interested in knowing MacBook, MacBook Air and MacBook Trackpad Replacement

Call to us now –

Signs of a malfunctioning Trackpad

  • MacBook trackpad, when mouse’s cursor is moving in a random manner

  • Trackpads work normally for a short time and then speed up for a brief moment, or simply move to a different area or screen.
  • The Trackpad isn’t working.
  • There isn’t any movement of the cursor.

We offer MacBook Trackpad / Touchpad Replacement for the following models located in Delhi, Noida and Gurgaon :

  • MacBook Pro 13” A1278
  • MacBook Pro 13” Retina A1425 2012
  • MacBook Pro 13 ” Retina A1502 2013,2014
  • A1502 2015 MacBook Pro 13 “
  • A1398 2012 15” Retina MacBook Pro
  • A1398 2013,2014 Retina MacBook Pro
  • A1398 2015 MacBook Pro 15” Retina
  • A1297 17” MacBook Pro 2011
  • A1286 15” MacBook Pro 2011
  • A1286 15” MacBook Pro 2012
  • A1534 12” MacBook Retina
  • A1706 13″ MacBook Retina with Touch Bar
  • A1707 15″ MacBook Retina with Touch Bar
  • A1708 13” MacBook Retina
  • A1932
  • A2159
  • A1990
  • A1989

MacBook Pro/Air Liquid Damage Repair Shop in Delhi

Are you feeling helpless? Since liquid got into your MacBook following a spill?

Truthfully speaking, it’s an unavoidable situation, and you’ll need the help of an expert MacBook repair for liquid damage to clear the chaos.

Because your MacBook is a costly purchase You shouldn’t allow liquids to affect the operation of its components in a negative way. Water can cause major destruction to the internal parts of the MacBook and only a complete remedy can restore it to its former state.

Make My Lappy is a firm that is dedicated to providing MacBook repairs for air-liquid damage in Delhi through the highly-specialized procedure for a repair. Contact us today to gain access to our solutions.


Things to do if liquid spills onto your Macintosh Book

Shut down your MacBook immediately in order to prevent penetration into the internal components. Since water and electricity could cause further damage It is recommended to disconnect the power cord immediately after shutting down the laptop.
The next step should be to dry the water off with an absorbent fabric.
Turn it upside down , allowing go of the liquid that is trapped within it, if it has any.
It is also possible to make use of hair dryers to allow it to dry completely and then wait some time to dry completely before resuming.
Restart it and see whether it’s still running. If it’s working, good! Contact the closest service provider to have it repaired.

MacBook Repair at your service

Our clients are the proof of our quality and that’s why we’re ready to be there all hours of the day to resolve issues with water damage repair for your MacBook. Contact us today for MacBook Pro liquid damage repair in Delhi immediately.

Expert assistance

Our expert technicians will analyze your MacBook thoroughly at our laboratory and then replace any components on the logic board which was damaged because of spillage.



The MacBook Air water damage costs is reasonable and our services are impeccable. Contact us today for an estimate.

Tested thoroughly

We put your MacBook through various tests to determine whether it’s performing according to the way you want it to. Honesty is our guiding principle to business ethics which is why we do not leave any stone unturned in our efforts to deliver the best.

Quick Fix

It can take between 2 and 3 days to repair your MacBook dependent on the severity of the issue. If it’s minor issues it is possible to repair it in just only a few hours.

We’re likely to be your one-stop solution to fix the damage to your MacBook by water spills And do you know what? We can do it at only half the cost of a showroom.

For more information, call our company dedicated to providing MacBook Liquid Damage Repair solutions and access our top-quality services now!

Mac Data Recovery Services in Nehru Place

Mac Data Recovery | SSD Data Recovery Repair Services in Nehru Place,Delhi

Make My Lappy provide top-quality services for minor or major loss of data for Mac Laptops.We are skilled and have a thorough understanding of Mac recoveries of data.We can retrieve up to 100% of data from Mac hard drives that can not be repaired or mounted using the disk utility available for Mac OS .We are also able to recover data from hdd or SSD that aren’t detected in Macbook Air or Pro Laptops.

We’re cost-effective and speedy and can retrieve all important documents like videos, images music, documents email and other files.If you need to retrieve any lost data, we are ready to assist you.

Upto 100% Recovery

We deal with minor or major data loss on laptops running mac OS. We are experts in recovering data 100% out of Mac Hard disks that cannot be mounted using the disk utility software in Mac OS. We also assist with retrieving data from disks that are not readable by Mac or are not recognized by Mac.

We use proven methods and have the most advanced technology available on the field of data recovery. Our experts stay up-to-date with the most recent software requirements to recover data. The process of data recovery we use is among the most secure and reliable ways to recover information from a Macbook while maintaining speeds of your hard drive and SSD. We can retrieve all the major data files, including videos, pictures music files, documents email, as well as other miscellaneous information. Your data will be recovered safely thanks to our services.

Economical Prices

Our services are extremely affordable and reliable. We provide retrieving data at the lowest price on the market. Ours is a speedy service, and our team is friendly. Prior estimates as well as delivery dates are provided to clients to avoid confusion and to ensure that the integrity of the policy. We place customer satisfaction as our primary priority , and we are very good in this area. We appreciate our customers’ cash and time.

Apple MacBook Fan Replacement

The significance of a fan on the case of a MacBook Pro cannot be overlooked. Any issue in its performance will inevitably affect the performance that the laptop performs. As a leading MacBook pro replacement service in Delhi We take it upon ourselves to provide top-quality solutions to those looking for Apple’s MacBook fix . We recommend taking the most effective precautions to prevent overheating of the laptop, which also guarantees greater durability of the fan.

Our goal is to help our customers with issues that come out with their MacBook. Here’s a helpful guide for our customers to have an understanding of the causes that could cause problems with their MacBook and leave them with the alternative of an MacBook Air fan replacement. Additionally, a brief tutorial from our end to DIY fixes that will ensure longer life for the same.

What is the cause of problems that are causing problems with the MacBook Pro fan?

  • The tiny cooling fans found inside Macintosh notebooks, if they run at speeds that exceed 6000 RPM (i.e. the highest speed) usually use the GPU or CPU in excess. The speed of the blower inside a case like this is quite high, and it decreases slowly, resulting in loud sound or a rattle of the fan.
  • Sometimes, mishandling of the notebook causes issues in the vane. The possibility of overcharging the device can also cause issues similar to the one above.

DIY solutions for MacBook pro MacBook pro

  1. Make sure it’s dust-free. If your fan is running at a higher speed it could be due to dust that is clogged within it. Dust reduces the performance that the fans can achieve. The most effective way to stop the sound of rattling is to ensure that it is free of dust. Do not worry, you don’t need to open the door. It’s all you need is a can of compressed air and push it through its vents to remove the dust. It’s that simple!
  2. Check the activity monitor Check an activity tracker to see what apps are using the high-energy. These apps can cause a fan to create the fan sound loud. Close these applications and you’ll notice an immediate improvement in the performance. It is possible to turn off and then restart your device for eliminating the sound.
  3. External displays connecting external display creates a loud fan. The only way to reduce the noise is to stay clear of these connections regularly or if you absolutely require displays with high resolution, you should improve the performance of your notebook.
  4. Replace the old fans Replacement of the old fan with a new fan for the Apple MacBook is the best solution for your issue. Do it now and observe the differences.
  5. We understand that replacing a MacBook is an expensive process and, therefore we’re providing an affordable MacBook air repair located in Delhi. Our replacement and restoration strategy is based entirely on the customer’s requirements and needs. We make sure to leave no scratch unturned to test the cost-effective and efficient solutions. Our skilled professionals are prepared to handle the job and offer a foolproof solution to an issue with a component.