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Macbook Repair Experts

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We offer most repairs on the same day. If you live in Delhi NCR, you can bring your laptop to our Delhi service center or call us to have it picked up from your home. We will try our best to resolve your problem as soon as possible.


To ensure the highest quality repair for your MacBook, we only use original spare parts when you bring them in for repair. All of our repairs come with a 3 month warranty. You get only the best.

iphone Repair

We know that sometimes you may not be able to bring your iPhone to us. We will be happy to come to you in Delhi NCR. We will also drop it off once it is fixed.

iMAC Repair

We are known for our quick turnaround times. Our highly skilled and trained technicians ensure that your iMac is returned to you within 24 hours of its arrival.

iPAD Repair

If your iPad is not working properly or the screen has cracked, don’t panic. You should give us a shout. Our iPad repair team can pick up your device from any place in Delhi NCR and return it to you.


We understand that you may not always be able to bring your device with you. We can pick up your Apple Watch anywhere in Delhi NCR by calling us. We will repair it and send it back to your address at no additional cost.

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Verified professionals

Many people have trusted our professionals with their expertise. Our services are efficient, economical, and hassle-free. Call your door. There are no visiting fees

Repair Team Arrives on Time

We arrive at your home sooner than you expected thanks to our end-of-the-line service delivery process. We are responsible for delivering your order on time.

Amazing Support Team

Customer delight is our motto. We work cheerfully and with a positive approach to serving our customers. To solve any problem, we have a technical team.

Book Now - Easy & Secure

Our booking system is secure and easy to use. You can book anywhere, at any time.

Service at the Door

We don’t charge extra for travel or additional charges. All you have to do is click, and we will be at your door to repair your computer/laptop.

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What are the times you’ll need MacBook Repair?

  • The battery isn’t charging.
  • Unexpectedly, the system shuts down
  • Programs running slow
  • Mac turns extremely hot
  • The fan isn’t spinning
  • Bluetooth or Bluetooth connection issue
  • A keyboard that isn’t responsive
  • Broken LCD
  • Software that is corrupted Software
  • Fluxgate Issue
  • Dim / Dark Display
  • Burnt DC Jack
  • Erratic Touchpad
  • Graphics Card Issues

Liquid Damage Logic Board Repair

We repair the damage caused by spills of liquid

Broken Screen Replacement

We repair a damaged or cracked LCD screen from MacBook

MacBook Adapter and Battery Replacement

We Repair or Replace Battery and Adapter

MacBook Motherboard Repair or Replacement

Our repair service repairs Mac logic boards the same day

MacBook Keyboard Replacement

We offer MacBook Keyboard Repair / Replacement Services within the same day

Touchpad Repair / Replacement

We provide Apple Laptop Trackpad repair / replacement services

MacBook Hinges and Body Parts

Hard Disk & Ram Replace / Upgrade

Macbook Dead contention Board Repair 

We repair any damage caused by Dead contention

Refurbished Devices Shop

Certified Experts

We fix it all the popular brands


MAKEMYLAPPY is your One-Stop Solution for all your Computing Needs. Since 2018, we have provided services to corporate customers in the form of professional laptop repair and technical consulting.


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